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Scottish Links

Applecross Historical Society – including genealogy, archaeology, newsletters, photos, plus details about the heritage centre and local accommodation.

Association of Scottish Genealogists & Researchers in Archives (ASGRA) – an independent body of professional individual searchers in Scotland.

Culloden Battlefield & Visitor Centre (National Trust for Scotland)

General Register Office for Scotland – paid online access to records such as Statutory Registers, Old Parish Registers and Census Records. You can search the Wills & Testaments database (1513-1901) for free.

Historic Environment Record – database by the Highland Council

National Library of Scotland

National Archives of Scotland

Resources for Learning in Scotland (RLS) is a resource base headed by the National Library of Scotland and SCRAN – involving over 100 Scottisharchives and libraries.

Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland

Scottish Archive Network(SCAN) – Internet access to the written history of Scotland.

Scottish Gazetteer

SCRAN (Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network) – online database of 1 million heritage records from museums, galleries, archives, etc.

Scottish GENUKI – how and where to look for genealogy information

The Internet Guide to Scotland and Chatelaine’s Scottish Castles website by Joanne Mackenzie-Winters